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Hand-crafted, wholesome food for your entire office



Marc Manara

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Co-founder / Co-CEO / Chief Product Officer at @Farm Hill. MBA from @Stanford, CS @Harvard University. Former portfolio manager at impact VC @Acumen Fund.


Collin Wallace

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CEO@Eatgeek • CEO@Farm Hill (acq by EatClub)• Founder @FanGo Software (acq by GrubHub) • Head of Innovation@GrubHub • Stanford MBA • Georgia Tech Engineering

Madeline Theis

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8+ years’ experience improving customer experience, retention, brand & marketing. Strong empathy for customer. Innovates programs to enhance brand & experience.

Steven Garcia

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Brian August Nguyen

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Full-stack software engineer with a strong background in Javascript

Board members and advisors

Business Builder. Founded 5 & exited 2. Fintech expert. Focused on product & people. Investor. Venture mentor. Teacher. Leader. Dad. Triathlete.

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Tam Ngo

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Claudia Sanchez

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Erik Suek

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Carl Patrick Del Rosario

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Jarrett Herold

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