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Chatbot for customer engagement automation


3 rounds




Harold Mechelynck

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Founder of Ogone, Brussels based, smart money investor.

Sebastien D'Hondt

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Jean Zurstrassen

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Founded Skynet, KeytradeBank &Tunz.com

Norbert Müller

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Private Equity, Real Estate (Berlin), Whisky/Rum (www.lost-distillery.com, www.crucial-drinks.com), Tec Inv., Turn-around sit.,Tribal Art,Bxl based, paneuro exp

Dominique Wroblewski

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Lorenz Bogaert

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Social nets Netlog and Twoo (sold to Match Group), expense mgmt Xpenditure (sold to Sodexo), proptech startup Realo, cryptocurrency app Delta and +25 startups

Regis D'Hondt

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Toon Coppens

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co-Founded Netlog & Twoo sold to IAC co-Founder Realo startup investor

Davy Kestens

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Founder and CEO at Sparkcentral. Developer since age 13. Public speaker. Enjoying life.
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