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Providing financial protection and predictive analytics for the absence of star players

Social Media Marketing Manager

$40k – $65k • 0.1% – 0.5%
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Fansure is a sports analytics company that provides analytical insights and financial protection for consumers and enterprises that are impacted when star athletes don't play in a game. We are seeking talented and motivated marketing students to work with our team this summer. The work will focus on creating a social media strategy including designing & purchasing social media ads that will attract new users and help drive conversion on our DTC platform.

Come join our talented and fun team as we advance our technology and revolutionize the way that fans, media, fantasy/betting markets, and teams experience game day.

We are in need of digital marketing expertise at Fansure. Our platform is up and running, but we just need the right expertise to help spread the word and let fans know about us!


  • Seeking both undergrad marketing students or recent graduates who are well versed in the various social media platforms, have experience with the consumer conversion funnel, know how to use Google analytics and are willing to invest time to become masters of the tool, and have run a FB (or equivalent social media) advertising campaign before.
  • Must have experience with A/B testing and have basic design/photoshop skills to help mock up various ads to test
  • Open to degrees including Management Science, Business Analytics, Business Administration
  • Applicants must be self motivated, inquisitive, and capable of working with a virtual team across the US.
  • Candidate must have a proven track record - preferably at a startup - and must be passionate about sports.


Applicants should send a resume to info@fansure.com with the subject line: “Social Media Marketing Job Posting.” Please include your resume with references, any relevant projects, and a brief introduction to yourself.