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Freesia Chen

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Worked at Fama Technologies. Went to San Jose State University

Rayner Jae Liu

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Marketing manager humanizing tech and society. Growing marketing @Fama Technologies, previously Samsung, Intel, Council on Foreign Relations, forever @Duke University

Mark Ryan Coco

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Worked at Fama, Santa Monica Daily Press, and Costing Outreach Group. Experience with photo/video/design using adobe creative suite. Liberty University 2018

Dayna Serxner

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Member of the Marketing and Sales team at Fama Technologies. Studied marketing and CSR @University of Colorado, Boulder

Christina Gomez

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Worked at Fama

Jeremy Roberts

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Worked at Janrain (acquired by Akamai)

Valerie Schwein

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Worked at Fama

Willow McGuane

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Process Manager at Fama

Paige Gordon

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Mikkel Gadegaard

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Versatile Code Monkey with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Preston Ames

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Extensive and varied experience within sales, marketing, business development, and training within the most successful companies - Facebook, Instagram and Snap

Jake Cohen

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Worked at Fama Technologies, Food Network. Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Advertising, Drafting. Went to University of Miami

Wendy Halson

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Rob Wright

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Mani Maghsoudlou

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