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Fairmarkit believes that effective spend management prioritizes automation and leverages data, allowing procurement teams to reorient their time and focus towards enabling strategic initiatives. By collaborating within the procurement ecosystem to understand customer needs, Fairmarkit empowers companies to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to create market competition, which minimizes manual touchpoints and maximizes spend.
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Product Designer

Posted 7 months ago

About Fairmarkit

We're a Boston-based startup backed by leading venture capitalists disrupting how companies make purchasing decisions. Organizations ranging from the MBTA to ServiceNow trust us to guide their purchasing.

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Posted 7 months ago
  • 3+ years experience in backend engineering. You have personally delivered high-quality, enterprise-grade code for new backend data processing features on distributed systems.
  • Strong database and data modeling skills. You have built systems processing millions of records in both relational and non-relational systems. You are extremely capable with an ORM but also just as happy with SQL.