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Frictionless funds for the web

Frictionless funds for the web

Our first product, Adieu, was born out of the notion that adblockers could be more than just a blunt tool to add more whitespace to the web. It gave users a seat on the ad-exchanges, and let them pay to have their own images replace the ads and trackers that follow you online. While moderately successful, we learned from Adieu that even though readers were paying to support creators, a significant chunk of the money was being taken by the exchanges and ad-tech firms in the middle.

Our newest product, Atri, removes the middlemen and treats everyone on the web both as a creator and a consumer. By removing the role separation Atri enables everyone to support everyone else, using attention as the metric to determine which way the money flows. Atri is an experiment to let individuals take control of how they pay for the web, and finally fully utilizes the interaction and influence built into the core of the internet, rather than treating the internet as a source for eyeballs.
Early webmail creator. Former CTO @FastCompany, Havas/Socialistic. Patents in location-based advertising. @Techstars mentor. MIT Media Lab.

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