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Systems Engineer

$105k – $155k AngelList Est.
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Factual is looking for a Systems Engineer to help handle the management and growth of our cloud and internal computing and network infrastructure.

We're a technical group of people working in a relaxed environment with various demanding infrastructure needs with a high standard of careful, detail-oriented, responsive professionalism. We manage a multi-petabyte compute cluster, heavily use and contribute to open source systems. and aggressively build, adopt, and deploy new technologies and capabilities.

This is a great opportunity to manage serious infrastructure that is servicing large amounts of data and traffic, work with a large and outstanding engineering team, and employ state-of-the-art tools and techniques.


- Evaluate and implement technologies that improve efficiency, performance and reliability
- Develop and deliver creative solutions that enable engineering teams
- Build reliable systems at scale
- Support and enable engineering teams at Factual
- Drive improvements in capacity, reliability, availability and performance of core systems
- Participate in on-call rotation duties


- Extensive production *NIX experience & shell scripting
- Ability to write code in ruby/python/go/perl or similar to solve automation/glue problems and develop effective tooling.
- Experience with Infrastructure as Code techniques and practices.
- Extensive knowledge of at least one configuration management system (Puppet/Chef/Ansible/Salt).
- Experience with modern observability/monitoring system.
- Significant experience with at least one cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure)
- Strong understanding of network fundamentals, tcp/ip and related services.
- Experience with containers and container orchestration
- Exposure to big data and data pipelines is a plus, particularly with Hadoop ecosystem.
- Experience with CI/CD systems.
- Experience with Datacenter/colo management with appropriate automation and abstraction
- Thrive in a startup environment and enjoy wearing many hats
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills






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