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Platform Engineer/DevOps Engineer

£60k – £100k • 0.2% – 0.8%
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Factmata is looking for an engaged and experienced engineer in the Platform Team to help us solve the problem of misinformation online. At Factmata, we are building systems to automatically classify the credibility, quality, safety and reliability of online information, using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms paired with human expertise.

We’re looking for someone who will have a key role in building our core product as we bring it to market. The engineer will be responsible for setting up and managing the AWS infrastructure needed to run our data pipelines and application services. They will have a keen eye for doing things consistently, maintaining a clean architecture and making it possible for our development team to iterate and deploy quickly and smoothly.

You have experience building and managing Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS. You will work closely with the Machine Learning team to support them with their infrastructure requirements. You also need to be a confident, proactive colleague who can take work into your own hands.

If you aren't completely confident that you fit our exact criteria, please get in touch immediately. Humility is a wonderful thing - we're at least as interested in character as in talent. Factmata is an environment you will learn in and be challenged, develop and grow as a person, build phenomenal technology, be given limitless opportunities to innovate and research, given autonomy, and connected with some of the brightest minds to help you do your work

Current tech stack
- Python
- Golang
- Kubernetes
- Kubeflow
- Kafka
- CircleCI
- Grafana
- Prometheus
- Terraform
- Ansible

What you'll be doing

- Building and managing the various Kubernetes environments on AWS
- Supporting data engineers and ML engineers to build data pipelines using Kubeflow
- Support engineering team when deploying new features or services
- Ensure everything we deploy is secure, performant and observable
- Leading the platform team working closely with the CTO

What we're looking for

- Proactive and positive attitude with ability to own projects
- Passionate about writing clean, well tested, and maintainable code
- Experience with distributed systems
- Experience with AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Jenkins / CircleCI

Bonus points for experience with:

- Experience with Ansible
- Experience with Hashicorp Vault
- Observability experience with Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana
- Experience with Kafka/RabbitMQ.

Our values
Joining the Factmata family represents an unprecedented opportunity to be part of a team with an outstanding purpose and the rare potential to do good in the world. We hire strongly for our values.
- Deliver results for our users.
- Do the basics.
- In facts we trust.
- Team sport.
- Be candid.
- Think Big!
- Prioritise growth.
- Show humility.
- Humour.

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