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Machine learning to battle misinformation/disinformation

Senior Software Engineer

£60k – £90k • 2.0% – 4.0%
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The role

You will lead the development of our platform and core infrastructure, and produce work to support the machine learning and data engineering teams. You have both backend and devops experience, and will coordinate with both the business product and user product teams to ensure high quality engineering in an agile environment.


  • AWS
  • python
  • athena
  • postgres db familiarity
  • kubeflow
  • kubernetes
  • Airflow

What you'll be doing

  • Defining the technical direction, prioritisation and roadmap for us to achieve our product vision and direction.
  • Designing and implementing our B2B APIs and the required infrastructure
  • Provide engineering support on our user product from a backend perspective
  • Review and refactor code built by the ML researchers to make it fit for production
  • Lead buildout of the testing and integration pipelines for the different components of our platform
  • Lead the development or systems integration of web scraping architecture
  • Managing integrations with other platforms and products, and helping to test these strategic partners

What we're looking for

  • Ability to be a generalist and help out the team in whatever task required, with clean and maintainable code
  • Experience in building out complex data processing pipelines
  • Experience in building out complex machine learning architectures
  • Python + (Django or Flask) experience
  • Experience leading engineering teams and projects
  • Docker experience
  • Experience with a cloud hosting platform (AWS or Google Cloud)

Our values
Joining the Factmata family represents an unprecedented opportunity to be part of a team with an outstanding purpose and the rare potential to do good in the world. We hire strongly for our values.

  • Deliver results for our users.
  • Do the basics.
  • In facts we trust.
  • Team sport.
  • Be candid.
  • Think Big!
  • Prioritise growth.
  • Show humility.
  • Humour.

If you aren't completely confident that you fit our exact criteria, please get in touch immediately. Humility is a wonderful thing - we're at least as interested in character as in talent. Factmata is an environment you will learn in and be challenged, develop and grow as a person, build phenomenal technology, be given limitless opportunities to innovate and research, given autonomy, and connected with some of the brightest minds to help you do your work

Hiring contact

Dhruv Ghulati

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Factmata at a glance

Machine learning to battle misinformation/disinformation

Factmata focuses on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, News, and Natural Language Processing. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Factmata has raised $3.054M of funding; their latest round was closed on June 2019.

You can view their website at http://www.factmata.com/ or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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