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Machine learning to battle misinformation/disinformation

Applied Research Scientist

£55k – £80k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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Description of the role

- We are looking for a research scientist to join the team, grow an R&D function, and build and architect novel algorithms for automated disinformation detection, quality and credibility scoring and toxic content detection on text and videos, including the entire end to end annotation pipeline for data.

What you'll be doing

- This role is hands-on and involves implementing and further developing the algorithms envisioned by the Factmata platform
- You will be thinking about how to combine both human and AI approaches and make our algorithms explainable and interpretable
- You will be supported by a Head of Research and work with multiple researchers in the space in joint projects and experiments
- You will be consulted remotely on R&D and technical approach by our network of scientific advisors.
- You'll build new ways of classifying and detecting toxic content on the web e.g. terrorist content, hate-inciting extremist content, and more subjective categorisations such as news bias, including potentially on video.
- This may include building NLP systems to extract and model relations, entities and topics in news data, and developing algorithms to score and provide contextual facts on this data.
- You will be free to run experiments and build prototypes with unique approaches for problems.
- You will support the coordination and building of annotation tools and work with our Community Manager to design these to get the right data for machine learning.

Who we're looking for

- You have an NLP or computational linguistics research background in a PhD/masters/industrial research lab [required]
- You have designed and run annotation projects before [required]
- You are an innovator, who can come up with new research ideas and implement them quickly [required]
- You know how to architect human and ML systems using active or online learning or annotation pipelines [required]
- An intermediate experience with Python and major NLP/Machine Learning Libraries like Spacy, CoreNLP, Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc [required]
- You have published papers in recognised journals and conferences like ACL/NIPS/EMNLP/NACL [desired]
- Research in fields such as annotation pipelines, news classification, online learning, active learning, controversy detection, syntactic/semantic parsing, information extraction, textual entailment, question answering, argument mining, discourse parsing, polarity mining, knowledge base completion, ontology extraction [desired]
- Previous work related to fake news/news bias/automated fact checking/misinformation [optional]

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Associate Professor at UCL, Co-founder and Head of Research at Bloomsbury AI, Advisor at Factmata, Allen Distinguished Investigator

Marc von Wyl

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Computer Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with experience in academia and industry, and a strong interest in Natural Language Processing.

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