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Collaborative Analytical Modeling at Scale

Collaborative Analytical Modeling at Scale

Building models in spreadsheets is broken. Spreadsheet models break down when you alter them, modularize them, or add more collaborators. Analysts in banking, investment management, and operations have gotten by with spreadsheets but not without enormous time and effort spent hacking around their many limitations.

Fact Labs has developed a more powerful, more collaborative modeling paradigm that is inspired by logic programming and applied ontology yet is still accessible to sophisticated but non-programmer analysts. We are a small, funded, early-stage team with significant domain experience with our target customers. The team previously worked together on a distributed search and data management startup and sold the company a few years back.

The modeling experience we’re building is unlike anything out there. If you believe that spreadsheets are not the last word in end-user programming, we’d love to hear from you and show you what we’ve been up to!

Founding Software Engineer - Logic Programming

Founding Software Engineer - Application (C++)