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The first no-code platform for real-time analytics

The first no-code platform for real-time analytics

Our core product enables instant exploration of petabytes of RT streaming event data at scale (trillions per month) for any user-type (commercial, business intelligence, data science)

Instant: Facet is designed to scale to trillions of events and deliver answers in under a second

Integrated: Easily ingest data from your cloud data warehouse or streaming services like Kafka or Segment.

Accessible: No SQL or complex, proprietary query language required. Facet allows you to explore your company's data through an intuitive, point-and-click UI.

Data Infrastructure Engineer

Head of Product Management

Now: building @Facet, we're hiring! Before: first biz hire @TapCommerce. Scaled the business team before being acquired by @Twitter for $100 million.
Former founder/CEO of @MoPub, sold to @Twitter in 2013. Product at @Google and @Admob. Degree in CS from @MIT. Currently investor and BOD member.