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Facemoji's mission is to make the internet more expressive and safer. We’re building a digital identity layer accessible on every platform with marvelous-looking avatars We're a small, VC-funded remote startup of 8 self-starters that's agile and very ambitious. We make decisions very quickly, move fast, and ship often. All of our tech and tools have been built in-house and from scratch, and we're profitable. The roles are ideal for someone passionate about avatars, Ready Player One, metaverses, computer vision, machine learning, and computer graphics.
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3D Designer and Animator

Posted 3 months ago
  • Concepting, modeling and rigging content for Facemoji avatars using Autodesk Maya or Cinema 4D
  • Work closely with 3D team to supply the models and textures for implementation

Computer Graphics Engineer

Posted 3 months ago
  • Develop and implement new visual features in real-time rendering
  • Creating custom shaders for in-game special effects

Machine Learning Engineer

Posted 3 months ago
  • Develop ML and deep learning solutions across the entire ML workflow from data collection to training
  • Optimize NN to run efficiently on mobile devices/different platforms