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Building the avatar platform for everyone.

Building the avatar platform for everyone.

Facemoji lets you create a superawesome 3D avatar that looks and moves just like you. Enjoy all the different customization options, from pink balayage to face tattoos or even braces. Bring your dreams to life! Once ready, place your Facemoji over your face, snap a photo or video, and send it to friends!

Our technology enables anyone with an iPhone SE or newer to make videos—no need to have an iPhone X with the TrueDepth camera.

We're committed to making the internet more expressive, and to build a digital identity layer that is accessible to all.
@Facemoji Previously: Principal Product Manager and Co-Founder of Adobe XD
Founder/design @Facemoji. Previously @Summly, @Yahoo, @Piictu and @Pttrns.

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