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Publisher at The New Republic, Executive Chairman of Segovia, and Co-Founder of Facebook
Technology entrepreneur and angel investor. Co-founded @Facebook.


Doug Beaver

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Amazon/Apple/FB alum with 20 years scaling major Internet sites. Built 10 high performing storage, network, perf teams at FB. Love solving impossible problems.

Zach Blew

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Kittipat Virochsiri

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ML, Infra at Facebook & Instagram

Pooja Sethi

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NLP Engineer at Facebook AR/VR. Runner. Writer. Chai Drinker. Previously: University of Washington CSE '17.

Vikram Chandrasekhar

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Product Manager with 0->1 product experience in SaaS, data security and developer tools. MBA from Wharton and Masters in CS from MIT.

Marina Lieban

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Studied at Stanford. Worked at Facebook for 6.5 years. Studied at Stanford again (MBA). Worked for the 49ers.

Senam Payandeh

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Operations Specialist focused on user and business operations.

Ravi Sathyam

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Software Engineer @Facebook

Eric Nakagawa

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Head of Open Source, Blockchain at Facebook Formerly Developer Advocate at Parse, Facebook Co-founder of @simplehoney Co-Founder of @Icanhascheezburger

Tian Jin

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computer vision at Oculus/Facebook, machine learning and web development experience

Michelle Hwang

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Student at UC Berkeley; Computer Science and Cognitive Science

Roxie He

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software developer with extensive stat/quantitative experience with algorithm design, A/B testing, & machine learning on very large data sets

Jon Emerson

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Head of Product Engineering @Hired • Worked at @Google, @Adobe Systems • Studied at @University of Virginia

Ryan Sapper

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At @Causes I'm building teams that want to change the world.
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Board members and advisors

Ph.D Innovation & Social Learning, M.Sc HCI, Chairman @StitcherAds, Advisor @ASAP54, Marketing Director @BSkyB, Advisor @Lastminute, Advisor @Facebook
Early advisor @Facebook CEO/Founder @Hangtime @Coveroo @Ingenio @Wallop & DimensionX @Cloudmark/CEO $600m+ in exits msft, at&t etc Negotiated 23 term sheets

David Sze

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OPERATOR - Prod Dev/Mkting ✦Excite@Home/SVP ✦Excite/SVP ✦Crystal Dynamics/Producer ✦EA/PM INVESTOR: ✦LinkedIn/Board ✦Facebook/Board Observer ✦Pandora/Board
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Former team

Alex Moskalyuk

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Drew Moxon

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Paul Sprague

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Frank Fumarola

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Andy Huang

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Jesika Haria

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