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Inventor Incubator

Inventor Incubator

As inventors, we produce a variety of unique software and hardware products.

Currently released products include:
- The World View Clock (worldviewclock.com), which re-imagines the clock through time-lapse photography, currently available as an Android app and standalone device.
- Sendery (sendery.com), the fastest way to share files and information between individuals and groups.

Launching soon:
- Runner lighting, the high-tech way to light your home, including motion sensitivity and touchless controls.
- The Pricer (working title), a web application that helps entrepreneurs and established businesses figure out the optimal price for their products, increasing the chance of success and improving profits.

Scott Martin

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Studies at @Carnegie Mellon University, founder of Fabricate.IO

Todd Medema

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Cofounder of @Parsec Media, @Fabricate.IO, @AutoRef, 5 years tech management & leadership experience, @Carnegie Mellon University alumni

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