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On Demand Peer Tutoring

On Demand Peer Tutoring

You have a test tomorrow and you start looking for a tutor. Your option is a mathematics major in Michigan. Tutoring from a stranger is uncomfortable and it is not the optimum solution for maximizing potential in class. Does he really know how Mrs. Johnson teaches Algebra I? What if I told you there exists a platform where I could provide you with a tutor who got an A in the class your struggling in, and they were from YOUR high school? EZTutor is a peer-to-peer learning platform, where those that need tutors are connected to tutors from the same high-school. AT EZTutor, we believe that It is not good enough for a tutor to just know the material. Tutors must go through the exact class. Our mission is two-fold: To provide high-school tutors an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and leadership, all while earning an income twice the minimum age, as well as provide an easy-to-use interface for those that need tutoring to schedule tutors from the local community.

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