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IoT company - shared power bank in SouthEast Asia

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EZ Retail is an IoT company, which looking to solve 2 major problems in the Southeast Asia market

1) Offline retail stores usually have implemented IoT solution to improve their operations, yet an integrated solution to control it

2) Online player, esp. e-commerce platform has been seeking a way to reduce their customer acquisition cost, which is one of the major cost drivers

Thus EZ Retail is looking to implement a solution that can A) enhance the integration of IoT solution by providing an integrated system to retailer, and B) by connecting the retail shops as a network, and leveraging online-oriented system design to convert the offline customers to online.
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Software Engineer / Partner

Posted 8 months ago

The person will be co-lead the development of the shared power bank software with the vendor who located in SZ. It includes both back-end system and front-end mobile App that will be used in Indonesia.