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We are leading the way in defining how brands connect with the unique, untapped audiences using chat and voice experiences (today, that means devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant, tomorrow it will mean your car, your home, etc...).
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EYELEVEL.AI needs someone to manage and grow our Publisher Network

Have you worked with a publisher network before? Have you grown & managed 1,700 publishers? Have you managed an affiliate program before? Was it huge? Are you familiar with Chatbots? Eyelevel.ai is looking for the perfect person to help manage our 1,700+ publisher network comprised of...

Software Engineer

Backend Engineer

We are looking for experienced backend engineers to join our team. You have a serious craving to work on highly scalable distributed backend systems, you are fascinated by emerging AI & NLP technology and enjoy building amazing products. You will build the backend systems that power our...

Software Engineer

Senior Frontend Developer

Eyelevel is a young company that is growing very fast. We are looking for a frontend developer who can grow with us. Above all, we value independent thought, integrity, hard work, flexibility, a sense of humor, perseverance and humility in our team members. We value quality, intuitive UI/UX...


Data Engineer

We are looking for a leader who is excited by the opportunity to be the first data engineer at a rapidly growing startup. Our platform generates a massive amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data through a pipeline that processes thousands of transactions per second. We need...