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Secure Monitoring System

Secure Monitoring System

EyeCura system is a unique disruptive software as a service (Saas) platform made to allow customers to remotely monitor and interact with their beloved people and places while guaranteeing customer privacy, zero setup cost and scalability on small devices. It is beta available on App Store since March 2018 and Alpha version available now on Google Play. - Enjoy a secure, cheap and scalable realtime monitoring and interaction system that enables you to be close to your loved ones at all time. - No third party can see your video streams (including us at EyeCura) - Tune into multiple streams at once – a first for a mobile based monitoring system - Our peer-to-peer secure pipe is highly encrypted and will not only transmit a secure live video streams, but also can be a strong secure channel for your other data like motion detection, IoT and health activities.

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Founded EyeCura Pty Ltd. Worked as technical lead in @Agilepq. PhD in Computer Science. RMIT University.
Cofounder @EyeCura • Worked at @Agilepq Inc and @RMIT University. Holds a US IP Patent in Post Quantum Cryptography. Has PhD in CS from RMIT