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Automated games of chance

Automated games of chance

Patent pending Au2015904883 world search running expect results coming weeks.
Worlds first Automated management process for operating Commercial games of chance.
The system allows the hard work of operating large prize draws over business sales, Social media linked and a management systems from game settings to ticket production, invoicing, charge outs and draws, with a complete CSV record of all movements in the game.
able to operate one game with thousands of businesses to multiple games cross linked to one business, able to handle a complete country or a game for each state or one game for one business/ group
This is a world changing platform for business to step away from discounting and sales and build better margins but still offer the customers a "want".
Already approved as a true process of chance and cleared by head mufti for muslim participation.
Platform built and ready for market, can take insurance over investment.
Looking for investor/s to join me
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