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Data Science powered - Revenue Assurance Platform for the Education Industry

Data Science powered - Revenue Assurance Platform for the Education Industry

ExtraaEdge is a VC backed full stack revenue assurance platform for the education industry. Think SalesForce + HubSpot for education.

Our Admission & Marketing Automation CRM platform builds a clean system of records for each & every brand touch point i.e. online, offline & social of a prospect student. We provide leading indicators to increase the conversions by ~20% in the first Q. Our moat is vertically baked product covering major admissions playbooks along with a classification data-model that learns & predicts admissions.

Our data science powered behaviour engine qualifies student leads based on their online & social behaviour. Then help counselors automate their admission funnel turning them to winning sales reps.

We help edu institutes increase their admissions in 4 ways :
(1) QUALIFYING: Identifying the most interested prospects student through our patented methods of online & social behaviour analysis powered by data science
(2) PERSUADING: Enabling counsellors to seamlessly communicate with leads with automated drip workflows
(3) MEASURING ADMISSIONS ROI: Delivering actionable data for management to take sales & marketing decisions
(4) SALES & MARKETING SYNC : Unifying sales & marketing functions across to increase lead:walkins & walkins:enrolments

We increase the key metrics of Lead:Walkins & Walkins:Enrollment by 3X after product usage.

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