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Nowadays, people have shorter and shorter attention spans. We are constantly checking Instagram for quick glimpses of news, going on Snapchat discover to look at unreliable news sources giving us uninformative content, and skipping around youtube videos because we only want to see what we are looking for or are intrigued by. Recently, my mom started watching a workout tutorial through Instagram, constantly making compromises, and having to rewind because it is moving too fast. We want to give people a new, uncompromised way to experience their favorite news, fitness, and entertainment content created by anyone, both established companies and individual creators alike. We want to allow you to easily consume what you want and not have to worry about skipping through what you don't. We aim to become the most engaging and intuitive short-form content platform possible.
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Posted 4 months ago

Will work directly with our head of design to design our marketing tools and possibly our user experience


Software Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

Will work directly with our CTO and CEO to assist with the front end development of our application


Business Analyst

Posted 4 months ago

Working with the company founder to develop a plan to get funding and market our app, eventually branching into a larger more prominent role in the company as we grow.