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Expanse is an enterprise software company and the leader in Internet Operations Management.



Entrepreneur turned VC. Co-founder + Chairman at Qadium. Partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures)

Tim Junio

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*2019-present @Expanse *2016-2019 @Huge *2015-2016 @Kabbage *2013-2015 @Cloud Sherpas (now Accenture) *2010-2013 @CBeyond

Trish English

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Talent Acquisition leader with 20+ years of experience with global talent acquisition management.

Casey Robbins

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Worked at Expanse. Went to Stanford University

Kabir Sikand

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Exp: @qadium, @AdStage, @VMware, @GREE International • Specializing in Cybersecurity, AdTech, SaaS (SMB + Enterprise)

Randy Lastinger

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Matt Zeichman

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Max Stevens

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Ridiculous Effort Produces Positive Results. The options you have tomorrow are a direct result from the choices you make today. Hustle!

Raymond Wang

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Engineering Manager @qadium Sr Software Engineer @Okta Co-founder @Medal BS CS @University of California, Los Angeles Cybersecurity, Cloud, SaaS
Work at @qadium

Dan Quinlan

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Lisa Wallace

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Former team

Mike Iriarte

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