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Brian Moon

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Dekoa Field

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Nikiya Lyles

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I am an operations and HR manager in the legal and technology field, looking forward to expand my skill set and continue to grow!

Jake Seip

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Advisor and former GM @ Aero. Formerly Co-Founder and CEO @COMPGUN (YC W16). @Colgate University graduate. First Business Analyst @LivingSocial

Ann Liu

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Colin Read

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Player/Coach VP of Ops @Expa Previously BD & GM @Reserve. Co-Founder & BD @ECOtality. Forbes 30u30 (2012)

Vítor Lourenço

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Partner at Expa

Serg Zorin

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Hello my dear friends! My name is Serg Zorin. I’m a Vancouver-based UX/UI designer.

Michelle Miulli

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Ben Cohen

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Currently at an @Expa portfolio company. Formerly Picolab • Worked at @Microsoft, @Salesforce • Studied at @Williams College, @UC Berkeley iSchool

Brendan Lewis

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vice president, communications at expa. previously: pramana collective, foursquare, livingsocial, juniper networks, verisign and other places

Tim Abraham

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Partner at @Expa , founder @MetroLyrics @Cmd

Jeff Wong

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Co-founded Flare and Bunch on the App Store. Previously the executive creative director at AddThis (acquired by Oracle)
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Board members and advisors

Early: Uber, FB, Twitter, Alibaba, Shopify, Duolingo, etc. Podcast: 400M+ downloads. 5 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers. 100+ media outlets (NYT, Fallon, etc.).
Partner @Expa. Founder @AddThis (acquired by Oracle)
Partner at @Redpoint Ventures; Director of Platform at @Twitter and early employee; Director of Consumer Product at @Skyhook and early employee;
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Former team

Andrea Funsten

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Anna Zeng

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Danielle Lawrence

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Alex Mooradian

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Eric Friedman

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Jenny He

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