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Smart Exit Ads & On-Site Retargeting

Smart Exit Ads & On-Site Retargeting

Exit Bee is the first complete behavioral analysis and exit intent platform. We're on a mission to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

With Smart Exit Ads we re-imagine what's possible in display advertising. From image and video ad campaigns to content, contests, lead generation and surveys, Smart Exit Ads maximize our clients' ad ROI. Our campaign viewability is double the viewability of an average banner ad and click-through rates are over 20 times higher.
We offer advertisers a new, premium and high-performing channel to reach their audience on trusted publishers.
We offer publishers a brand new revenue stream by monetizing a "part" of their website that remained unutilized.

With On-Site Retargeting we increase engagement, conversions and sales with tailored campaigns at the right time. Our clients use On-Site Retargeting to optimize their own website traffic by running behavioral, exit intent campaigns On-Site Retargeting is a SaaS product.

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