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Facebook and Google verified bidding-fee-auction app

Facebook and Google verified bidding-fee-auction app

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Exhibia is a disruptive and competitive pre-funded bidding-fee auction app where only registered Google or Facebook users are allowed to bid. Our prefnding algorithm makes sure there are atleast 2 or more precommited bidders present before initiating an auction.

Prefunding Solution
Prefunding algorithm verifies that there are atleast 2 or more precommitted bidders present before an auction is initiated. According to Dr. Martin Shubik of Yale University this was “commonsense”’ requirement and standard practice in the 1971 version of the auction process.

Exhibia adds unprecedented transparency to an industry mired in questionable practices. Pre-funding = Buying bids towards an item which then grants insights into consumer interests as a residual as well as eliminates the needs for “bots” or “shills” on our bidding website. All bidders are either Facebook or Google registered.

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Founder @Social Shopping Network®, www.Exhibia.com • Inventor of "'prefunded bidding fee auction"' method.