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We've been entrusted to monitor over $10B in public infrastructure projects. We're building cutting edge solutions for a huge industry.
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Software Engineer

Posted 1 month ago

EXACT Technology Corporation is a well-funded start-up in construction IOT. We develop hardware and software to get our clients better data while saving them money.

Other Engineering

Electronics Technician/Assembler

  • Know how to solder and assemble electronics really, really well?
  • Have a great work ethic and attitude?
Other Engineering

Electronics Engineer

Posted 1 month ago
  • Know how to design beautiful and sophisticated circuits and PCBs?
  • Know how to solder and assemble SMT prototypes


Our platform is up and running, we got a handful of clients on it through word of mouth, and they're all raving about it. Now we want the rest of the industry to know about what we can do for them.