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The end-to-end simulations platform accelerating materials R&D

The end-to-end simulations platform accelerating materials R&D

Exabyte.io helps scientists develop new materials and chemicals faster from atoms up through high-fidelity modeling and simulations.

In our vision, the next generations of microprocessors, solar cells, catalysts, and batteries are created not through long and expensive physical tests, but through fast and accurate models

Our product is a comprehensive data-centric web-based environment (think AutoDesk, Adobe Creative Cloud, SAP). It combines together computer-aided design tools, physics-based and statistical materials modeling, and large-scale cloud computing, with an aim to bridge the innovation gap between the academic innovation and real-world applications in the industry.

A recent presentation about the company: exabyte.io/video/unboxing-2017.
How we design the world of tomorrow, blog: blog.exabyte.io.
Case studies with customers: exabyte.io/#case-study.
A recent manuscript about example applications: arxiv.org/abs/1807.05623.


Founder @Exabyte.io • Physics PhD @University Of California, Berkeley • Developing new materials and chemicals through modeling and machine learning.
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