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Big Energy Savings Using Real Time Prices and Home IOT

Big Energy Savings Using Real Time Prices and Home IOT

The Evolve platform does two things: 1) we pass through wholesale/industrial pricing to residential customers at cost and 2) we use IOT of the home to shift usage away from peak power price intervals. Ultimately, evolve is a software as a service platform that pairs dynamic power prices and real time carbon signals with home IOT to enable customers to automatically save money and reduce carbon. We use big data and machine learning to create personal energy profiles and manage devices differently for each user. As we get to know the preferences of each customer, we can sell them appliances/smart home devices that are consistent with their goals. We will become the robo-advisor for personal energy use, eventually enabling customers to optimize how they sell back to the grid through transactive energy.

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Samit Shah

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Co-Founder @Evolve Energy , Co-Founder @Persource, Co-Founder @HaathiCloth, Advisor @Askedoo Studied at @University of Miami

Michael Lee

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HBS MBA, co-founder of Pacific New Energy, Business Development and Finance background