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Yoga classes and teacher training for everyone

Yoga classes and teacher training for everyone

Evolation yoga is a training and support system for yoga students, teachers and studios worldwide backed by a collaborative of some of the most experienced teachers in the world. We allow our clients to combine the benefit of being an individual entrepreneur with the value of being part of a larger group. Our foundation is in hot yoga and we are expanding to create a union within the yoga world. We offer the best teacher trainings available in the market that helps our customers serve at the highest level in their local yoga community. Our customers range from people remotely interested in a yoga practice through the full spectrum of practice up to the teacher who has made their yoga life their living. Our next project is developing an online platform for students and teachers to connect worldwide. We are ready to share all of this with a global community perfectly poised for the worlds first international yoga enterprise.

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Mark Drost

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CEO of evolation yoga. Recognized in hundreds of studios throughout the world. Studying, Teaching and Practicing for 35 years. Won copyright case in 9th circuit