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Unified, end-to-end intelligent contract management, workflow, and analytics


3 rounds
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Jennifer Lum

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Cofounder & General Partner @Biospring Partners

Patrick Z. Yang

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Early Stage Technology Investor

CJ Reim

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Early Stage Technology Investor

Bob Allard

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CEO/Managing Partner at consultancy ExtensionEngine (clients include Harvard BSchool, Fidelity, Zmags, PHT). Investor in i-Nalysis, iSpecimen, momedx.

Andy Ravreby

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Early Stage & Growth Investor

Amity Ventures

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We support founders building category-defining businesses

Sravish Sridhar

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Believer in Mentor Backed Entrepreneurship. Wrote software used by 3.5 million people. Love Living!

Jere Doyle

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Serial entrepreneur, angel and advisor to startups. Founded Prospectiv and Global Marketing. Knack for customer acquisition and marketing.