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Extraterrestrial product development consultancy and commercial open source team



Andrey Sitnik

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The creator of PostCSS, Autoprefixer and Browserslist

Roman Shamin

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Maxim Kushner

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Founder of FarmGuests Master of Business Informatics

Sergey Nebolsin

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I'm a full-stack software engineer focused on backend web development, performance optimizations and complex problem solving.

Irina Nazarova

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Bringing Martian technology to Earth with @Evil Martians

Alexey Ivanov

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Work at Evil Martians

Sergey Ponomarev

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I'm backend engineer and ruby developer from Tver, Russia. I'm serious about rules and guidelines in software development, code style and readability.

Anton Lovchikov

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Product designer focussed on meeting business goals and users' expectations

Maxim Filatov

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Nate Gadzhibalaev

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Business Development @Evil Martians, CEO @Amplifr

Alexander Tishchenko

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Former team

Alexey Nayden

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Anna Selezniova

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Andrey Deryabin

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