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Fighting tuberculosis with technology

Fighting tuberculosis with technology

99DOTS is a web and mobile technology used by health providers and patients to fight tuberculosis. 10 million people develop this curable but deadly disease each year, and if they do not take every dose of their 6-month treatment they may develop drug resistance, relapse, or die. Incubated at Microsoft Research India, 99DOTS is an affordable and innovative technology that provides a remote and real-time monitor of when patients take medication, as well as a complete patient management and data analysis/reporting platform. We are bringing tuberculosis management into the 21st century. Bill Gates and Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) have named 99DOTS one of the most promising innovations for social good. Our technology is deployed in every district of India, has been recognized worldwide, and is rapidly expanding in India, Myanmar, and beyond. We boast a world-class team from Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, BITS, and IIIT.

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