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We design, build and launch digital products that give companies a competitive advantage

Senior Engineer, Front End

$95k – $110k
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Who We are

Everest is a digital agency in Chicago that combines strategy, design, and engineering to create change for our clients. We concept, design, and develop technology that helps companies and nonprofits connect with their audience and achieve their goals. We’ve spent the past two years leading product design and development for Fortune 500’s including Whirlpool, Capital One, Walmart, GEICO, and Discover Financial, and amplifying the impact of national nonprofits – creating over $2 billion in market value. Now we’re ready to keep the momentum going and quickly grow into the most highly recognized product agency in Chicago (and the world).

To do that, we’re building a world-class development team that can work with our designers and deliver technical solutions that match the quality of our designs. We’re a group of entrepreneurial designers, strategists, and technologists who believe that design and technology can be used to solve the most challenging business and social problems - if you agree, we’d love to hear from you.

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for world-class front end engineers who are absolutely fanatical about design and experience, and who are thrilled at the idea of working side by side with some of the best designers in the industry.

The ideal candidate should have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and should require no assistance in taking a design and implementing it to pixel perfection. Candidate should also be capable of implementing simple micro-interactions and animations without assistance and should be good at more complicated animations using a framework like Greensock or d3.js.

Modern web development moves at breakneck speed, and expecting anyone to keep up with it all is impossible. The ideal candidate should instead be well versed in the accepted best practices at the moment and should have an idea about new and upcoming technologies that may affect their profession without following every single fad.

Job Responsibilities

- Partner with design to estimate difficulty and provide guidance and suggestions
- Implement designs faithfully in HTML, CSS, and Javascript (where necessary)
- Implement Single Page Applications, including data design and tests
- Integrate with existing CI & CD pipelines to deliver code quickly
- Interact with clients to display results, ask questions, and handle other needs
- Help back end engineers design APIs to meet front end requirements
- Adapt to changing web technologies and provide guidance for future technical decisions

Nice To Haves

Engineering is a big discipline, and nobody fits completely into a neat box with a label on it. All of the below are considered “nice to haves” for a candidate but are not hard requirements.

- Mobile development, native or via cross-platform framework (e.g. React Native)
- WebGL or similarly advanced 2D/3D graphics
- Node.js on the server

Who We Are

Everest is a design & engineering firm that strives to be exceptional at all tasks undertaken. We don’t outsource any part of the process and pride in the excellent working relationship between our design and engineering teams.

We are self consciously not an “X” shop, where X is a framework or language. Building a reputation as a firm that only uses one tool or technique is bad for our clients, bad for our reputation, and bad for our engineers. We have a flexible and pragmatic approach to technical decisions, whatever engineers believe is best for the project goes.

What We Value in Employees

We value employees who believe in the integrity of their work. Doing right by the client and by your profession is the bedrock of what makes us who we are. Employees should always feel that they put in their best and did their profession proud, no matter how the project ends.

We value strong opinions held weakly. Nobody is employed for rote work here, we hire the experience and expect them to leverage it. We also expect employees to be able to justify their opinions and change their minds when shown sufficient evidence that they might be wrong.

And finally, we value expertise in all of our employees, and the respect that they should give to fellow experts. Nobody has a monopoly on expertise, and while anyone can have an opinion on anything, employees should be humble when interacting with those who are experts in other areas.

## What Employees Value From Us

Diversity matters. Beyond our non-discrimination policy, we believe that diverse teams make better decisions, and this goes beyond the traditional demographic measures and includes differences in life experience, background, and education. This goes beyond the hiring process, as we put in the work to support the diverse needs of our employees throughout their careers at Everest.

We believe that transparency is the best policy. Our employees are seasoned professionals with other opportunities should they want, so we treat them with respect and honesty. There are no secret projects or plans at Everest unless if required by law or client requirements.

Finally, we value the growth of our employees. Employees growing and filling bigger roles within the organization is great for both the employee and us. We provide as much training and mentoring as possible, as well as easy access to conferences, books, and other professional growth opportunities.
Chicago • Los Angeles • Los Angeles County
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We design, build and launch digital products that give companies a competitive advantage

Everest focuses on Mobile, Web Design, User Experience Design, and Ecommerce. Their company has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Prague. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://everest.agency or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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