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Modern medicine has been overwhelmingly accomplished in improving the world's population health and quality of life. Only over less than half of a century, medical technologies has enabled human life expectancy to increase substantially, with comparatively much less pre-matured death. This successful development has been concocted at a costly price, in time the global health expenditure has seen an accelerating growth, faster than that of global gross domestic product. Moreover, the stakeholders of the health care industry have faced myriads of interlinking complications undermining the global structure of the health care industry. These porous of the modern healthcare industry inevitably gives rise to a situation where efficiency can be filled to these inefficient healthcare infrastructure’s holes. These holes can be filled and assist through new technological development. Yet, healthcare is one of the only single top industry that IT has yet to encompass. Blockchain technology, decentralization mechanism and tokenization mechanism allow for creation of a new healthcare eco-system that stands to fill in the in-efficiencies within the healthcare industry and align all incentives of stakeholders. This is done through firstly, the traceability, immutability and underlying function of blockchain technology. Secondly, the underlying mechanism of decentralization that allows for the creation of a trustable and self operating ecosystem and lastly the tokenization as a form of a shared growth in value to align all incentives of stakeholders within the platform. Through relentless iteration of researches done by a myriad of multiple industries expert working with both private and public sector, we came up with Ever Medical Network.
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