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Emily Chan

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Marketing Analyst at EventSorbet. MBA 2014
Chicago Booth MBA, extensive start up experience, sales & marketing guru, strong finance and business background (Private Equity/Prime Brokerage), fun loving

Kym Tran

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Executive w/ over 15 years managing sales, ops, IT, project/product management, marketing, and telecom w/ focus on tech solutions & go to market strategies.

Board members and advisors

InjuryCaseWorth: 0.5% of $33B personal injury market bootstrapped. PromoJam (sold Deluxe), AgentAce (sold QuickenLoans), Pluto TV, ChowNow
Former EIR at @Idealab; Founder & CEO of @AccessDNA (acquired by InformedDNA) and early employee and senior exec at @WeddingChannel (acquired by TheKnot).

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Emily Chan

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