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Find all the events you love wherever you are

Find all the events you love wherever you are

The events search engine. Find million events based on your interests. Worldwide.

Evensi uses an automated semantic algorithm that extracts, filters and evaluates every single event.

Evensi offers an integrated cross-platform in 7 languages. A frictionless desktop and mobile experience with: events creation and events promotion to very targeted and geolocated users.

Evensi filters all events based on user interests, location and date. Users just see events relevant to them.

Front-end Developer

Senior Software Back-end Engineer

Senior Product Manager

Computer engineer, tennis player, Python lover!
Evensi CEO, MIT MBA Candidate 2021, Mentor at Google Launchpad, @500 Startups @Start-Up Chile. 4 exits. Resilient entrepreneur and innovator. Growth strategist.

Yuri Grassi

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Founder and Chief Product Officer of @Evensi • Studied at University of Bologna