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Device that cooks homely food that caters to your taste

Device that cooks homely food that caters to your taste

Nutrimatic cooks food that caters to your taste, automatically! Load ingredients pack in the morning and leave for work, ask it to cook from the app, by the time you reach home, delicious dinner is ready!
Nutrimatic cooks all the curries, rice dishes, millet dishes, upma, poha, dal, sambhar etc by just tap on the phone. Moreover, you can teach the Nutrimatic your mother's recipe. Share the device access to your mother and ask her to cook using the video feed, the device remember's her actions and cooks "Ma ke haath ka khana" daily for you!

With Nutrimatic in your life:
- Relief from the tiresome work of cooking
- Food is made from trusted ingredients
- Healthier than buying food outside
- Don't have to align with your cook's dictated schedule
- Know the exact calories you consumed

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