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Maddie Brownell

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Worked at @Canary, @Etsy

Samer Mehany

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Katy Svehaug

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Editorial, social media, and analytics @Sesame Workshop | Writer and editor @Etsy for 4+ years

Diana Mounter

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Design Systems Lead at GitHub.

Mira Osadca

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HR Manager

Chuck Ha

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Software engineer at Etsy. ha.chuck on instagram for images

Hailey Suyumov

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Product manager experienced with both new and mature products. Known for driving strong results, attention to detail, and excellent stakeholder management.

Yi Zhu

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Industrial Design intern at Enventy's, Husqvarna, Electrolux. Graphic design freelance at HiFu, SCAD visual lecture hall. Shop owner, entrepreneur at etsy.com

Sue Hardy

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Bobbie Gossage

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Nadine Heintz

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I manage Etsy's Seller Communications group, telling the Etsy story and engaging our global community of 1.5 million sellers with targeted editorial content.

Chris Fairbanks

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Terry Kempfert

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Joanne Kim

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Front End / UI Developer | Gamer | Dog Lover
Founder @Neutralize • Worked at @Etsy, @Thomson Reuters • Studied at @Lewis & Clark College
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Board members and advisors

Caterina Fake

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Founder @Findery, previously Co-founder, @Flickr and @Hunch, Chairman @Etsy

Albert Wenger

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Managing Partner at @Union Square Ventures
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Former team

Marcus Barczak

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Gerald MacKenzie

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Aaron Henshaw

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Chad Dickerson

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Emre Colakoglu

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Deniz Veli

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