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Helping Founders build for Ethical Innovation

Helping Founders build for Ethical Innovation

We help founders understand what it takes to bring their idea to life in the initial stage. Then we help them build it. If we strongly believe that the products that we are helping to build align with our values and objectives in Ethical Innovation, we invest in it. At the same time, we're developing high-quality talent by providing masterclasses and mentorship for software developers that want to sharpen their skills, gain experience, navigate their careers, and become tech leaders. Our aspiration is to extend this to those from under-served markets, who have less access to opportunity and arguably more importantly, people. Because we believe people help to create opportunity. By working with us, you're helping to develop the future of high-tech workforce. Find out more at our website etinx.com

Sales/Business Development

Sales/Business Developer

ETINX founder | PAST: Fortune 500; Global; Venture Capital, MBA Talk to us if you have software engineering and CTO needs. We'll put our skin in the game.