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Empowering Indian youths with International communication & behavioural skills

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Eticlass began as a concept of how we can better serve India. Our vision grew when we decided to positively impact the Indian youth population by upskilling them. We aim to raise the bar of civilization, where respect, self awareness, compassion and humanity becomes the norm. We teach etiquette and manners.

We developed 50 intensive, interactive and immensely fun training programs for Companies, Universities, Schools and Individuals that will not only cause ripples but mass transformation for the greater good of society.

Eticlass is owned by an altruistic Director and co-founded by Asha Ramsurn. Our core team is made up of two International training consultants from the UK and a rocking Bangalorean!

If you want to learn more about us or want to join hands with us, please visit eticlass.in for more information.
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Corporate Trainer

Train/facilitate training programs in companies/universities/schools
Open to travel and willingness to learn. Highly motivated individual who is full of energy and enthusiasm.