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Software Engineer

$95k – $160k • 0.05% – 0.12%
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We're looking for nimble engineers who are passionate about helping students learn more effectively - and want to learn whatever it takes to do that. We are lifelong learners, and will absorb and use whatever technologies are needed to achieve our mission. We ruthlessly measure our impact to hold ourselves accountable to improving the lives of the students we serve.

You will work on ground-breaking technologies solving the fascinating problem of personalized education for students. Here are a few of the types of problems you may work on:
- Build deeply personalized curriculum. You'll build an engine that discovers and matches the right apps and videos to each student's unique academic needs and personalities, and then uses the results data to learn and improve over time.
- Build compelling and intuitive products that work in schools. Our product is used by students, teachers, administrators, and parents, each of whom has their own unique needs. You'll build experiences that delight our users and help them achieve fantastic learning gains.
- Deliver the right apps to the right students. You'll figure out how to scale a highly personalized, custom set of apps to many thousands of devices, all while tracking available inventory and automating processes.
- Scale everything. We are growing exponentially, and need strong systems that are robust, redundant, and can grow quickly without disrupting students' learning experience.
Our primary web application runs on Rails, backed by SQL and NoSQL data stores. Our iOS app is powered by Objective-C, Swift and a lot of JavaScript. We are not wedded to any particular technology or stack, but seek to use the right tool for the job.