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George Sands

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Traditional financier turned techie with some consulting

Steven Lin

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Experienced web and marketing strategist. Travel, startups, and photography enthusiast.

Casey Primeau

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Paul Spurzem

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CTO - IT Executive - Investment Management - Finance - Machine Learning - BigData - AWS Solutions Architect Professional

Kapil Singh

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Ariana Varveris

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BS/MS Accounting graduate of NYU Stern. Strong business background (self-launched multiple successful enterprises).

Ben Simon

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Founder @vay-sports-1 • Worked at @UBS, @Ernst & Young

Anant Jain

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Veeresh Hiremath

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MBA | Campus Recruitment | HR Operations | Talent acquisition | End to end recruitment | Employee engagement | HR generalist | Employee relations |

Kyle Murphy

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Stephen Johnson

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Arijeet Pal

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Worked at EY , as Software Developer. An aspiring Data Scientist having worked on real hands-on projects.

Alison Barenholtz

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Board members and advisors

Founder, Solution Architect, Financial Modeler, Software Engineer, Web Developer with 20 years’ experience in the Banking and Investments sectors.

Lars Härle

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Catalin Mazilu

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Versatile finace and accounting expert with high level of business acumen and with mix sector experience
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Former team

Adam Hynes

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Hoang Ngo

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Priyanka Agarwal

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Steven Pham

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Josh Walker

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Erica Yoder

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