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EquitySim is unlocking human potential through learning simulations

Graphic Design - Brand Strategist

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Who we are

EquitySim is an early stage start-up (currently a team of 10), we were part of 500 startups batch 20, and came out raising a $3.1M seed round.


We are building an equitable future where everyone is using their full potential towards meaningful work. Our online Simulations provide students with an immersive experience where they learning by interaction. We utilize Artificial intelligence to analyze behavior and learning patterns on our simulations to provide accurate assessments (replacing GPAs), and match students with the right employers for internship and full-time opportunities. This robust process allows us to reduce many biases found in today’s hiring practices.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for someone who has a great ability to simplify complex ideas in order to communicate clearly and beautifully with words and imagery.

At EquitySim brand is a top priority, and we need someone that can help us design our website, assets, promotional material, and content. You have a strong understanding of different media outlets and how to best showcase brand via those channels.

You'll need to be able to iterate through data driven decisions.

Clear Written Communication
Graphic Design
SEO - Mapping out our Google search

Infinite Learner
Ability to wear many hats
Artist at heart, Analytical Mind

What we are building
EquitySim’s current simulation is fully built, and can be managed by our current team. Up to this point we’ve been focused on building traction, we’re working with over 100 different universities and are partnered with major fortune 500 companies like Credit Suisse. We’ve created an initial pipeline, and have proven our first thesis.

Now that we’ve raised our seed round we are looking to invest in the experience, brand, and content of our offerings. We are looking to be truly innovative in the products we deliver to solve the biggest problems in education and hiring.

EquitySim's Culture

At EquitySim we are looking to build a company of people who want to live beyond the “normal” life. We are looking for those who are excited about how unknown human potential is, and are interested in pushing that potential to see where we can go. However, this push does not come at any cost. We recognize that life is so much more about the journey than it is about the destination. We are here to enjoy the journey of growing our potential, which means cultivating exciting new experiences and exploring outside of our comfort zone. Everyone in the company is here to support you and that mission.


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