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Didier Richaudeau

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Partner @Equancy • Heading Data Driven marketing practice . Worked at @Soft Computing • Studied at @University Paris

Deborah Khaghani

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Astrid Bisalu

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Hervé M.

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Partner at Equancy
Data Engineer at Equancy

Koby Karp

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Seasoned Data professional with experience in Machine Learning in the eCommerce / Webmarketing sector, strong dev skills and good communication ability

Aurelien Chouvet

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Heading Jingers.com, worked as France manager for a worldwide web organization (W3C) and former business development director for a digital strategy consultancy

Marion Heuze

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Digital Marketing Manager with European and Asian experience

Amandine Chaubet

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Marketing Digital enthusiast with a consulting experience, author of the Inbound Marketing Revolution, have worked in both large and small companies

Nacasch Samuel

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Marketing strategist

Lucille Guder

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Looking for a job in a start-up in Europe. Law, Business and entrepreneurship background. French, English and Spanish speaker.

Former team

Christophe Blefari

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