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Automating FDA compliance and approval


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Brian Shih

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Product @Pocket Gems; Previously at @Google, and co-founder at a @Y Combinator startup

Zach Brock

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Co-founder @ Common Networks, Previously: Square, Pivotal Labs I'm mostly made of water.

Parcel B

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Named after the plot of land adjacent to Olin College with a 99 year lease, Parcel B's mission is to invest in great startups founded by Olin College alumni and community members

Elizabeth Iorns

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Founder and CEO @scienceexchange | Part-time Partner @YCombinator | Angel Investor

Brad Flora

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Visiting Partner at Y Combinator. Ex-Business at @Brave. Ex-Founder, @PerfectAudience. @Y Combinator S11.

Brad Flora and Jenny 8. Lee

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Investment partnership of Brad Flora and Jennifer 8. Lee
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