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Developer with experience building and shipping apps with thousands of users. Skilled in software engineering, web development, and machine learning.

Ashleigh Fong

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Currently working as a designer at Enwoven.

Cecilia H Aiello

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HK-based. Dir. Customer Success with California SaaS company. Queen of Working Remote, Customer Happiness, & Cross Cultural Competencies. Chinese speaker.

Eric Obeng

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An Innovative Programmer with “Full Stack” knowledge and experience in front and backend web design with projects that were completed to becoming CRM tools.

Board members and advisors

Founder, President and CEO of @Barracuda Networks for 9 years., Founder of Eagle Eye Networks, @IC Manage, Inc, @Design Acceleration and others.
Founded Greystripe (sold to ValueClick) - Currently CEO of YesVideo
CEO and Founder of Flite

Former team

Mark DeMitchell

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Maggie Avila

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Annie Pennell

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Antoinne Clay

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