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We are the Shopify for Video Business


Our journey started in 2017 with a bunch of techies who have a belief in solving business problems via technology. Over the period we have developed our expertise around iOT, OTT & Cloud solutions. Now we have our core competency in building robust, flexible and highly scalable complex media solutions and creating digital products. Today we are a strong team of Product Managers, Project Managers, Architects, Development, Design and Quality Experts. We put ourselves in our Client’s shoes and think of their end consumers. With this approach today we have an array of 5+ offerings and various value add solutions & services in just a span of 3 years. In a nutshell, our journey has just begun. Core Values- Our core is people first. We care for our clients because we believe in our team. Our strength is our team and its fuel our core values. It is a process & the structure which keeps everyone of us to have different opinions bind together with one vision. We believe in Growth for everyone and live by our 5 Core Values- 1) Customer Centricity to Create Magic 2) Agility 3) Kaizen 4) Innovation and Simplicity 5) Be Lean