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We are the Shopify for Video Business

We are the Shopify for Video Business

Enveu aims to be the Shopify for Video businesses providing tools and technology to Content creators (Broadcasters, Telcos, Education institutes, Influencers, Religious Content owners, Fitness centres, etc.) to build, manage and grow their Video and Audio Streaming services across various platforms like IOS, Android, Smart TVs, OTT Devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and much more. Our No Coding SAAS platform leverages Data and Machine Learning to provide Personalised and Targeted User experiences to your audiences across devices. We offer 5 key products within our Video Experience Cloud- 1) EXPERIENCE MANAGER- Choose from a large number of Customisable widgets and templets to quickly launch your Video Streaming Apps across platforms. Now implement Users’ experience in no time. Premade layouts, easy to customize, no technical dependency, run time changes. A fully featured UX management tool for your OTT platform on all devices. 2) CONTENT MANAGER- One-stop solution to manage your content, define its structure, taxonomy, metadata layout, and publishing. Easy to manage, integrated with all devices, and take less time in publishing. We are pre-integrated with leading OVPs like Brightcove, Kaltura, etc. 3) CAMPAIGN MANAGER- Integrated tool to analyse user data and run campaigns across platforms like web, social, email, in app, on-screen in one go. Easy to design, run and manage, quick, and measure performance real-time. Making campaign management simple for everyone. 4) SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER- Easily manage Events and PPVs, Subscriptions, Advertisement workflows. Our solution comes integrated with all major payment gateways. Manage billing data, generate reports, send reminders and many more. 5) PERSONALISATION MANAGER- We understand your User's behaviour through our Journey map. Recommendation engine with Intelligent discovery techniques for Content Personalisation, Predictive Search, UI/UX personalisation. Measure effectiveness using our Uplift analytics.

Shalabh Agarwal

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Founder @Enveu • Worked at @IBM @Irdeto MBA from @Asian Institute of Management
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